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Since its establishment in 2009, festival Kaleidoscope, which takes place in the end of July and the beginning of August, has become a center of international meetings of young artists. 

Festival Kaleidoscope was established as a phase of project Culture II, coordinated by the City of Bologna and the Department for Education Sciences “Giovanni Maria Bertin“ of the University of Bologna and the Municipality of Tuzla and several other associations and non-governmental organizations from Tuzla.

Due to a significant contribution of Foundation  Cassa di Risparmio di Bologna, project Culture II was established to strengthen local competencies regarding development and designing of didactics processes in museums, cultural and tourist promotions of resources of the City of Tuzla and international coordination, through a constant coordination of its promotors.  Workshops, seminars, meetings, lectures, visits and joint work are instruments through which the project achieved great results, among which is the establishment of Kaleidoscope.

It is a special event and one is not satisfied with being a new exclusive contents or being one more  among similar ones. It is an event that recognizes a new sense of openness and a dialogue between different cultures and nations in art. In four days, in the heart of the Balkans, young artists become protagonists, performers, actors, painters, sculptors, musicians designers and guests of various origin and nature, intellectuals who come from the whole Europe, from Serbia, Croatia, Italy, Holland, Sweden, France and especially from those places where conflicts prevent natural exchange of ideas. Those people will be enabled to express themselves in new manners and form, to converse and express their opinions in Kaleidoscope. Festival Kaleidoscope was not established in Tuzla accidentally. Tuzla is a symbol of a coexistence of differences in a harmony such as various shapes and colors create beautiful and unique pictures in a kaleidoscope. Looked through Kaleidoscope, film, music, sculpture, photography, dance and painting become a soul of the city, through overlapping of exhibitions, film projections, live performances, workshops, conversations with journalists, artists and essayists, concerts, happenings and other events which are popular among youth.

Details and information about the festival and events may be fount on the following web site: www.kaleidoskop.ba