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One of the best female basketball players in the World of all times: Razija Mujanović

One of the best basketball players of all times in the world, Razija Raza Mujanović, was born on 15th April 1967 in Ratkovići, a small place between Tuzla and Brčko. After dedicating her whole life to basketball, she was officially taken to the company of the best – to FIBA’s Hall of Fame.  

Razija Mujanović started her career in Jedinstvo from Tuzla, the team with which she became the European champion in 1989. The best female basketball player of B&H of all times, one of the best in the world, played in many clubs in Italy, Spain, Croatia, Hungary, Brazil and the USA after leaving Jedinstvo.  


“Although many think so, talent and height are not enough for success. The way to success in sports is covered with a lot of effort and many sacrifices. Entering to the Hall of Fame is a consequence of a lot of work and effort”, said the best basketball player of B&H of all times and one of a few women whose name is included in the Hall of Fame.

Razija participated in the best female league in the World, WNBA, in 1998, wearing the dress of Detroit Shock. She had a lot of success in the dress of representations; first the one of the former Yugoslavia and then of B&H, to which she said goodbye in 2007. 

Legendary Razija Mujanović was declared the best female basketball player of Europe  three times (in 1991, 1994 and 1995). We can surely say that her contribution to promotion and development of female basketball in B&H is unmeasurable.