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With ”Tuzla Wireless City” project Tuzla joined other cities of the world which offer a free of charge wireless internet connection to their citizens, students, businessmen and tourists. With a development of new technologies in Tuzla, this was an expected sequence of events. Tuzla was the first city in B&H with such an offer and it became a model for other cities. “Tuzla Wireless City“ project was designed as a free of charge service for all people, but first of all to youth, pupils, students and tourists, who need internet connection for education, work, beowsing or to check mail. 

The signal covers the downtown: the Salt Square, the Square of Freedom, the Promenade (Turali Bey’s Street, starting from the Gate to the Statutes of Meša and Ismet), the Central City Park, Trgovačka Street, Gradska Street and the central part of the Salty Spa Complex. 

The name of the wireless network remains “Tuzla Wireless City“ and to establish a connection and access the Tuzla Wireless City network one has to select “Prijava na Wi-Fi mrežu“ and to confirm it with “ULAZ“. After connection every user may access internet  with 6/1 Mbps for 30 minutes with a possibility of extention after expiry of 30 minutes with a re-connection. Instructions for accessing Tuzla Wireless City network and free of charge internet may be obtained HERE.