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The story about Tuzla is beyond time and beyond nationality. In every critical moment of Europe, of the Balkans and of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the citizens of Tuzla thought “with a grain of salt” (“Cum grano salis“). In the Second World War, on October 2, 1943, Tuzla was the biggest free city in Europe conquered by Hitler. 

During the last 1991-1995 war on the territory of Ex-Yugoslavia, the citizens of Tuzla were  not divided by their nationalities. They had a mission according to which the best way to fight against violation of human rights was to protect them, the best way to fight against hatred was love, the best way to fight against nationalism was antinationalism, the best ways to fight fascism was antifascism and the best way to fight divisions was living together.

This is how Tuzla, during the mass violation of human rights due to war, became a symbol of protection of human rights and freedom.