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“Eco GOLF Park“  is an adventure nature park located in a small picturesque place Breške on the slopes of Majevica mountain, in the vicinity of Tuzla, at the altitude of 500 meters. It is a perfect destination which provides rest and relaxation, after daily obligations, to adventurers, curious ones and travelers in a wonderful natural environment and countryside. Within the Park there are golf terrains for playing, entertainment and relaxation. Two types of adventure golf (mini and putting) with 12 fields provide players with the feeling of playing real golf without pre-knowledge about golf playing. Adventure golf is relaxing and funny and is anticipated for recreation of people who want to relax in nature. It can be played by all age groups, from children to elderly people. Besides golf, visitors can play many other games which are played outdoors.

After playing golf, one can refresh with coffee or other drinks on the terrace of the “Treehouse cafe“ with a panoramic view at nearby hills and mountains. The tree house, at the crossing of four trees, is located near a forest and provides visitors an adventure-backwoodsman enjoying the nature. Eco Golf Park contains various water surfaces (brooks and lakes), natural rocks,  paths and wooden bridges. The Park is encircled with forest and bush and there is a possibility to see authentic wild animals (buck, doe, rabbit, fox, pheasant) and numerous birds. Due to its altitude and natural environment, Eco GOLF Park represents an “air spa” and a perfect place to breath fresh and clean air. Eco GOLF Park is suitable for adventurous golf, picnics, for families with kids, outdoor birthday parties for kids and adults, other outdoor events and celebrations, professional visits and school trips, organization of business meetings and team building for companies.
Simply saying, Eco GOLF Park is a “green oasis” where one can rest and enjoy games and entertainment.