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International Biennial Festival of Portrait – INTERBIFEP  is an international festival of portraits within the fields of drawing, graphics, photography and video art portrait, with recognition and respect for all  individual characteristics of authors and their styles in contemporary visual art. 

Interbifep  was established in 1980 and it is one of the most significant manifestations within  visual arts, with a special stress on portrait, not only in Bosnia and Herzegovina but in the region and in the world. It is one of the most significant art festivals in the region with a good reputation on the European and the world’s cultural scene. 

Interbifep is a festival of modern and contemporary trends in the visual arts of the world. It is necessary to underline that since 2013, since the 15th Interbifep, besides the existing forms of expression in art (graphics and drawing) one has involved photography and video art portrait, as new festival forms and art media. Every year the festival becomes bigger and more significant cultural event. The number of participants confirms the importance of the festival. In the last three Interbifeps there were 370 artists from 52 countries of the world. Those artists recognized the festival, together with the City of Tuzla and Bosnia and Herzegovina, as an event of a great importance for presentation and affirmation of visual arts on the world’s visual arts scene. 

Among many art and cultural events which the International Gallery of Portrait in Tuzla organizes or participates in their organization, Interbifep takes a special place and represents one of the most important manifestations. Biennale has been drawn in cultural maps in European and world’s frames. I is a manifestation which got back its old fame from the  80s.

Catalogue of the 15th Interbifep