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The City of Tuzla is an administrative, economic, cultural and educational center of Tuzla Canton and of the economic and geographical region of North-Eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina. The total number of inhabitants of Tuzla is about 140.000 while the region has over one million of citizens.

Towards the North, Tuzla is connected with Županja (Croatia) with the highway M-18, where the highway conjoins with Zagreb – Belgrade motorway and other motorways leading to European countries. Tuzla is connected with the southern B&H and the Adriatic Sea with highway Sarajevo – Tuzla (M-18) and Sarajevo – Mostar – Adriatic highway (M – 17). Road Tuzla – Bijeljina – Loznica (M-4) and road Tuzla – Zvornik connect Tuzla with eastern part of the country and Serbia while a portion of highway Tuzla – Doboj (M-4) connects Tuzla with the central B&H.

Regular bus lines drive from Tuzla with medium and big cities of B&H and to all bigger cities in Serbia and Croatia. There are weekly busses for Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Slovenia with a transit through most Central European countries (info at Bus Station Tuzla, phone: + 387 35/ 320 320; 320 310; 280 738; 280 406).

Railway connects Tuzla with Ploče harbor (Tuzla – Doboj – Zenica – Sarajevo-Mostar – Ploče), with Dostrict Brčko and Zvornik (info at Railway Station Tuzla, phone: + 387 35 287-940 or at http://www.zfbh.ba ).

Harbors in Ploče, Split and Dubrovnik (Croatia) are well connected with Italian coast of the Adriatic Sea by ferries. River Save and harbor in Brčko are connected with the whole Europe by river transportation.

Airport “Dubrave“ is 16 km away from the downtown of Tuzla and there is the road Tuzla- west exit – Par selo – Dubrave to the airport. During the summer there is a regular flight line Tuzla – Frankfurt and during the year there are charter flights (info at http://www.tuzla-airport.ba/).

Distance between Tuzla and some European cities:

Tuzla – Sarajevo (B&H) 120 km; Tuzla – Zagreb (Croatia) 330 km; Tuzla – Belgrade (Serbia) 230 km; Tuzla – Ljubljana (Slovenia) 475 km; Tuzla – Podgorica (Montenegro) 400 km; Tuzla – Skoplje (Macedonia) 650 km; Tuzla – Vienna (Austria) 700 km; Tuzla – Berlin (Germany) 1.400 km; Tuzla – Rome (Italy) 1.230 km; Tuzla – Budapest (Hungary) 480 km; Tuzla – Lausanne (Switzerland) 1.280 km.