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The only salt lakes in Europe: the City of Tuzla is the winner of ‘UNWTO ULYSSES AWARD’, the greatest recognition by the World Tourism Organization of the United Nations.

The Pannonian Lakes  are the only salt lakes and an unique tourist attraction in Europe. The City of Tuzla is the winner of the greatest recognition of the World Tourism Organization of the United Nations “Ulysses” (2012 UNWTO ULYSSES AWARD) which is awarded for innovations in tourism. 

Tuzla is the only city in Europe with salt lakes and the only city in the world with salt lakes, swimming and bathing area and beaches in the downtown. The Pannonian lakes complexs consists of three lakes of various depth and size and salt waterfalls. Within the Pannonian Lakes Complex there is an archaeological park – Neolithic Settlement of Pile Dwellings and a geological museum collection “Pannonica”, children’s amusement park, sports fields, caffes and restaurants and other cultural and entertaining facilities. During its fifteen-year egsistence the Pannonica Complexs has been visted by 3.7 million tourists.

Natural resources 

When the Pannonian Sea retreated from a great portion of Europe several million years ago, millions of tons of rock salt deposits and salt water remained after it. Thank to this natural resource and a support of local professionals, salt water was extracted to the surface and turned into Pannonian Lakes. Those are the lakes with salt water rich in minerals which is extracted from the ground with salt wells. Besides the pleasure of bathing, this water has healing properties, particularly for sterility, rheumatic and respiratory diseases. The water in the lakes constantly circulates and is filtrated with sand filters.

The tourist offer of the Pannonian Lakes Complex is enriched with salt waterfalls and an outdoor fitness center and a gym with thirty items of professional recreation equipment. A tourist product of Pannonica Complex is a children’s amusement park with entertainment equipment designed and decorated according to the world’s standard.

Salt waterfalls

Salt waterfalls are unique for this area as an outdoor inhalation health center. This is an installation of five cascades and two swimming pools. Inhalation of salt water evaporation is very favorable for relaxation from stress, diseases of respiratory organs, headaches and general health improvement and one can also take a massage under the water falling from the water falls. 


The greatest attraction of the Complex and of the third Pannonian Lake are two water slides: a blue spiral slide and a red one in the shape of a wave. The blue slide is located in the lower level of the lake and the red one is in the upper level of the third lake. 

Fitness center Open Air

”OPEN AIR” fitness center is located outdoor on two locations within the Pannonian Lakes Complex: along the walking path on the first Lake and on the east side near children’s amusement park, on the right side of the entrance to the first Lake. 

There are ten items of training equipment on every location so that a person may do exercise for the whole body and all groups of muscles at one location. Outdoor fitness centers are in advantage in regard to closed and stuffy fitness centers. Activities are performed on fresh air and with a lot of oxygen necessary for efficient training. Physical exercises strengthen cardio-vascular  and locomotor system, which directly improve immune system.

Consult your physician or a specialist in sports medicine before exercising. Regular exercising three times a week for 30-45 minutes is recommended for the best results. Exercising on fitness equipment on the Pannonian Lakes Complex is at your own risk!

Solar tree

The Solar Tree enables all visitors to charge their mobile phones free of charge, tablets and all other electronic devices.


As the only salt lakes in Europe and due to its tourist offer (attractiveness, clean water and environment, good and cheap services, location and a great number of visitors) Pannonica Complex had a crucial influence on making a decision about giving the City of Tuzla an award. It is the Golden Rose award  for selection of the best tourist city in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the last three seasons and the Golden Crown for Tourism, Catering and Hotel Industry  (concept design of the Archeological Park -Neolithic Settlement of Pile Dwellings – Pannonian Lake) in the category of maintenance of a special attitude towards traditional cultural and historical values in Bosnia and Herzegovina. On top of all, in 2012 the City of Tuzla and the Salt Lakes won the second award – 2012 UNWTO ULYSSES AWARD, the greatest recognition by the World Tourism Organization of the United Nations for innovations in public policy, administration and tourism for project “Valorization of natural heritage – Pannonian Salt Lakes in Tuzla“. In 2013 the City of Tuzla and Pannonian Lakes won an international tourist award ZLATNI INTERSTAS 2013 for an extraordinary contribution to development of tourism in the City of Tuzla  and a significant contribution to development of tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina in general.