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Tuzla Film Festival – the festival of South Slavic film (TFF) is an annual cultural manifestation in Tuzla, organized by non-profit organization Magic Factory which targets to promote South Slavic cinematography. A category called “Shoot with anything” targets to popularize film in this area.

The first TFF happened on August 22, 2012 in the premises of the Bosaniana Cultural Center in Tuzla. The very first festival gathered well known actors, editors, producers, and people from  festival worlds of former Yugoslavia. Names like Lazar Ristovski, Emir Hadžihafizbegović, Miloš Samolov, Ademir Kenović, Miroslav Momčilović (the winner of TFF’s award for a feature film), Elma Tataragić, Dragan Marinković, Janko Baljak appeared on the new festival and contributed to its significance. 

The second year required more work and brought many ideas and business offers. The festival made a casting for film “Atomically from the right side” by Srđan Dragojević (known by movies “Pretty Village, Pretty Flame”, “Wounds”, “We are not Angels”, “Parade”, etc.). Two young boys from Tuzla, Ensar Hamzić and Daris Aljić, are the first children from Tuzla who won roles in a movie via casting. 

Furthermore, this year the number of artists and producers from the movie industry increased significantly and Tuzla Film Festival has become a more significant regional festival and  Tuzla, which has undergone a blooming of tourism, particularly during summer, had become a space for creation of movie industry. This, inter alia, is the objective of TFF: to cerate the environment for development of movie industry, besides an aesthetic and artistic environment.

Many asked why Tuzla Film Festival along with Sarajevo, Belgrade, Zagreb and other festivals. Well, not all are invited to those festivals and many do not have financial capabilities to visit such festivals. Not to mention closeness of circles of artists.