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Sports Association Paintball Club ‘AREA’ Tuzla. The activity of the association is, inter alia,  organized and consistent promoting and representing of the City of Tuzla, Tuzla Canton and Bosnia and Herzegovina in sport and other activities; gathering youth and adults in order to promote, develop and improve paintball as a sport game in the City of Tuzla and Tuzla Canton and organizing a recreational, amateur and professional paintball games for individuals, organized groups, sports associations, organizations, clubs from the country and abroad. The Association is located at the following address: Vukovarska bb- MZ “Ši Selo“. All necessary information is to be obtained at the following phone number or web site or an official FB page: 061 854 886, paintball.klub.area.tuzla@gmail.com, FB page of Paintball Club AREA Tuzla.