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Central City Open Market

An idea and a history of an open market may not be assessed only in commercial terms.  Open markets in all cities, and especially in Tuzla, have always had urban and subcultural significance. They have been  places of recognition of an urban identity of the city, places where people have been meeting. Meetings at an open market and greetings have always been different from other meetings, formal or informal ones.

The Central City Open Market in Tuzla has a rich offer of fruit and vegetables and domestic traditional products. One may find a wide range of consumer goods within the Open Market.

Besides the  Central City Open Market there are two other smaller open markets in the city: Open Market East, which successfully satisfies need of citizens of the Eastern part of the city with its offer and capacities and the Wholesale Open Market in Simin Han.

Although beginning of an organized trade in Tuzla dates thousands years back, the first modern, urban and functionally designed open market was opened in Tuzla in 1952. Since then, this place located in the downtown, has been a recognizable urban and social and cultural spot for many generations of citizens of  Tuzla. The Open Market in Tuzla is one of the places which one could visit as a child and which one can visit as a father. Therefore, in the consciousness of the citizens of Tuzla the Central City Open Market has a very strong emotional note.