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The Museum of Eastern Bosnia in Tuzla with 30 thousand exhibits, with some of them older than 7000 years, is a proof of cultural and historical heritage of inestimable value and of a unique identity of the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The institution was established as the Museum of the national Liberation War and only a couple of years later the museum was called Heritage. Only in 1962 did it get the contemporary name. During the years immediately after the change of its name, the Museum got an ethnology, art, archeology and natural department, besides historical one.

The department which gets the greatest attraction and attracts the most scientific research projects is the archeology department which contains 7000 years old items and one of the most famous is the Board of God Mithra, Roman main god of soldiers. Inquiries to examine this board come from all over the world on daily basis. The board was found in 1966 in Eastern Bosnia and it is from the Antique period. 

There are five departments within the Museum:

  • Archeology department with 11514 exhibits;
  • Ethnology department with 1653 exhibits;
  • History department with 9800 exhibits;
  • Natural department with 762 exhibits; and 
  • Arts department with 650 works of art.

The Museum has a professional library with 11554 books.

As of today, about 30.000 exhibits have been collected and processed, more than 150 exhibitions have been realized and dozens of scientific researches from the field of Archeology, Ethnology, History and Natural Heritage have been published. The basic protection of the museum material was performed and the most vulnerable objects were preserved in preservation workshops in bigger museums in Sarajevo and Belgrade.

Today the Museum of Eastern Bosnia in Tuzla is a public which operates as the central museum of Tuzla Canton and represents a complex scientific, cultural and educational institution which function is preservation, examination and presentation of cultural values, national heritage and tradition of all nationalities from the area of North-Eastern Bosnia.