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Cultural Center Tuzla is an institution of a great importance for the City of Tuzla. Merging public institutions “The International Portrait Gallery Tuzla” and “Youth Center Tuzla” which performed similar and related activities and which were cultural institutions often realizing various activities and projects together into a single institution called “Cultural center Tuzla” one achieved a better compatibility in implementation of various cultural events and projects of public interest of citizens of Tuzla, Tuzla Canton and Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

In this way the Cultural Center Tuzla merges activities of a museum, a gallery, cultural and art activities, publishing, scientific and researching activities in order to improve presentations of  fine and applied arts, architecture, literature, music and other forms of artistic expression and work very important for the culture of the city. Generally speaking, such activity produces a more productive and more efficient joint work and presentation of culture and it also enables young and non-established artists in all artistic fields to express themselves.

Both public institutions within the Cultural Center Tuzla will continue their activities as before, but as organizational units of the Center. This, in any case, does not extenuate their individual importance which they previously had as separate institutions.  Both institutions, now united will continue with realization of projects and activities as before, with a significant improvement since they now use greater and more adequate capacities and resources available to institutions for the purpose of a maximum application of all potentials for joint activities.

A better quality of services to citizens, improvement of operation, performance of activities and realization of program activities are only some of the reasons for merging into a single cultural institution in the City of Tuzla. Planning program activities significantly improves both quality and quantity of cultural offer of the City and, through organization of projects in the organizational units, the institutions will be more open to collaboration with all citizens, organizations and many beneficiaries of the services of both institutions which are now merged into a single Cultural Center Tuzla.

Also, merging two public institutions into the Cultural Center Tuzla enables a more adequate  representation of necessary professions working in the Center, a full usage of knowledge and experience of employees necessary for adequate functioning and a full engagement in realization of numerous projects and cultural events in the City.

The City of Tuzla is the founder of Public Institution the Center of Youth Culture Tuzla while the City of Tuzla and Tuzla Canton are cofounders of Public Institution International Gallery of Portrait. After the Assembly of Tuzla Canton made a decision about cancellation of cofounding right, the City Assembly undertook all rights and obligations regarding the International Gallery of Portrait Tuzla with its decision about redefining of the status of the International Gallery of Portrait. In this way one satisfied all criteria for merging the institutions in the Cultural Center Tuzla because the City of Tuzla is the bearer of the founding rights and obligations of both institutions which were independent previously.

Also, the Center of Youth Culture needs a significant experience, knowledge and creativity of employees of the Gallery and merging enables a better realization of the program content.

Knowledge and experience in implementation of numerous cultural contents and activities and spatial and personnel capacities are significantly improved by merging. 

Within the Cultural Center there are: International Gallery of Portrait Tuzla,  International Atelier “Ismet Mujezinović“, Center of Youth Culture, Swedish House of Solidarity Gornja Lipnica, Social Center Gornja Tuzla, Cultural Center Husino, Literature Center Tuzla and Kaleidoskop Tuzla.

WEBSITE: https://centarzakulturutuzla.ba/