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Youth basketball club ‘Sloboda’ is the fringe of basketball sport in the City of Tuzla. It is one of the most popular sports collectives in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In Tuzla, people started playing basketball after the Second World War. Fans of this, in this region new, sport established Basketball Club ‘Sloboda’ in 1946, among other clubs such as  BC ‘Jedinstvo’, BC ‘Proleter’, BC ‘Rudar’ from Kreka.

Basketball in Tuzla has its best moments in the end of the last century, and the main drive and bearer of the game was Basketball Club “Sloboda – Dita”. Basketball from Tuzla became famous under this name not only in ex Yugoslavia but wider.

During the SFR Yugoslavia the Club played in the Yugoslavian First Federal League – YUBA. After proclamation of the independency of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the first time BC ‘Sloboda – Dita’ was the most successful basketball club winning the league five times in a row, winning the cup six times and winning the super cup seven times. BC ‘Sloboda – Dita’ played in the premiere season of the Adriatic League ending up on the fifth place as the most successful B&H basketball club.

Unfortunately, like in other fields, after the peak come falls. In the end of the first decade of the 21st century, BC ‘Sloboda’ went through hard times which resulted in freezing of the Club on 28 September 2011 and a reorganization. Since 2011 the bearer of the basketball in Tuzla has been Youth Basketball Club ‘Sloboda’ Tuzla. YBC ‘Sloboda’ retained all elements of BC ‘Sloboda’ and it immediately became a member of Workers’ Sports Society ‘Sloboda’. After the reorganization of the Club, the newly formed Youth Basketball Club started from the lowest rank of competition – A2 League of Northern Federation of B&H. In 2011/2012 season, YBC ‘Sloboda’ won A2 League and qualified for A1 League of the FB&H. In 2012/2013 season it took the 2nd place in this League and qualified for ‘League 12’ of the Basketball Association of B&H. In 2014/15 season YBC Sloboda took the 3rd place in the first part of the Championship of B&H – League 12 and it qualified for competing for the champion of the state – League 6. After playing 10 rows YBC ‘Sloboda’ won the 4th place and qualified for participation in the semi-finals of play-off against the first-place-positioned BC ‘Igokea’ from Aleksandrovac.   

In a very short period of time YBC ‘Sloboda’ became recognizable in the whole Bosnia and Herzegovina and wider by the quality of its players, their organization, audience and funs from Tuzla and its hall ‘Mejdan‘.