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Association ‘Athletic Recreational Club Rekreativci‘ operates in the area of the City of Tuzla.  It has a mission to, through its activities, gather persons of all age who want to practice athletics as a recreation. 

The Association initiated the first Running School for all those who want to become runners. Through recreational running, the Association promotes amateur running and participates in sports competitions. Its members participated in dozens of half-marathons in the region and in abroad and won many medals. Also, the members of the mentioned Association represent the City of Tuzla in marathons and ultra marathons (runs over 50 km).

More than 150 persons have attended Running School and most of them have runned half marathons.

 Examples of good practice in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region show that amateur initiatives can significantly influence popularization of running and increase awareness of healthy life for all age groups. With its resources and its example,  ARC ”Rekreativci” significantly influences an increase of number of persons who chose running for recreation in the City of Tuzla and in the region.

They successfully organize ‘Tuzla Night Half Marathon’, which is registered in running calendars of the region. ‘Tuzla Night Half Marathon’ gathers a great number of runners from Bosnia and Herzegovina, region, European Union and the USA. Tuzla is recorded as the first city in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the second in the region, which organizes night half marathon.