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Pannonia Lakes Complex is adjacent to Salty Spa Complex for sposrts and relaxation, which is one of the widest and the best decorated central parks in B&H. Besides walking and jogging paths, this park includes tennis courts, a basketball court and a five-a-side football field and some memorials from the newest history of the City. In this park there are memorials to heroes and victims of the Second World War, to Patriotic Defence 1992- 1995 War veterans and civil victims of the war and to the youth of Tuzla who lost their lives on the Gate in 1995. Withi the Salty Spa Park there is also Peace Flame House for youth and their activities, their creative intiatives and ideas and several caffes and restaurants. The central point of the Park is decorated with the fountain with the sculpture of Leda, the work of Franjo Leder, the famous sculptor from Tuzla.